Meenagate Touristic Marine Line

Connecting Egypt and Jordan.

If you're a foot passenger or a cyclist (please let them know beforehand you're coming), you can use the 'Babel' from Meenagate Marine Transport & Water Sports to transport you from Nuweiba to Aqaba and v.v.

Babel fast ferry

Meenagate's fast ferry leaves Nuweiba at 6.00am and the journey takes roughly one hour and thirty minutes. Coming back from Aqaba can be done in one day: the ferry leaves Jordan at 6pm.

How to get a ticket on the new 'Babel' ferry

In the future it's likely that plenty of tour operators in Dahab and Nuweiba will be selling tickets for this ferry, but right now this option is not available.
Instead you can e-mail the helpful staff at Meenagate to make a pre-booking (at least 48 hours in advance). You can then collect your ticket and pay on arrival at Nuweiba Port.

Phone: +962 (0)3 201 3137 / 201 3100 / 202 2801
Fax: +962 (0)3 201 9461
Mobile: +962 (0)79 5901 1481

  • Marine transportation between Nuweiba and Aqaba
  • Sole agent of AB maritime to arrange all operation from A till Z
  • Daily departure
  • Fixed timetable
  • Guaranteed departure
  • Sailing time 1,5 hours
  • Be at the port in Nuweiba: 1 hour in advance
  • Be at the Royal Yacht Club in Aqaba: half an hour in advance (sailing with Babel) / be at the passengers terminal Aqaba: 1 hour in advance (sailing with Princess)
  • Prices:
    Nuweiba- Aqaba - Nuweiba US$ 125
    Aqaba - Nuweiba - Aqaba US$ 120
    Nuweiba - Aqaba US$ 85
    Aqaba - Nuweiba US$ 80
    Price includes marine fees and departure tax Egypt and a free soft drink and croissant offered on board. Transport of bicycles is free of charge; but should be registered when booking your ticket.

Babel interior

AB Maritime

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