Discover Sinai

A guide to the natural, cultural and historical faces of South Sinai. The aim of the Discover Sinai is to promote the South Sinai region and responsible tourism, to draw attention to environmental issues and to provide accurate, impartial and practical information for visitors.

Mountains, desert and sea... the Sinai has much more to offer than most people think. The high mountain region, with its religious and historical importance, orchard gardening tradition and unique nature, is like no other place in the world. The desert is just as beautiful as any in the Middle East and North Africa and you will find an amazing variety of different landscapes within a small area: a maze of long rocky wadi's, fine sand deserts and dunes, surrealistic rock formations and ranges, canyons and oases. Bedouin culture still holds strong and here 4x4's still haven't pushed out the traditional camel work. The coral reefs of the Gulf of Aqaba are rated internationally as some of the best and a number of coastal protectorates, with their different eco systems, offer quiet get-aways from the resort towns.

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