Petrolog International BV

PetroLog International BV was established in 1983 as a wellsite geological consultant providing senior wellsite geologists and related operational expertise to the hydrocarbon exploration and production industry worldwide. In the late eighties, PetroLog started its cooperation with GeoData Mudlogging Services of Germany, resulting over the years in the versatile wellsite geological and mudlogging package we present to the industry today.

In this proven succesful partnership, the PetroLog focus is on contract acquisition, project management, human resources and the geological aspects of 'while drilling' data acquisition. GeoData provides PetroLog with cutting edge mudlogging systems and full technical support.

PetroLog understands the value of sustainable procurement solutions and is therefore a registered member of FPAL.

Managing director and founder of Petrolog International, Hans Dekker, is a huge admirer of the Sinai and committed to the wellbeing of local communities. Hans also sponsored the 2012 Bedouin Bus by donating our magnetic bus signs.

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