What would we do without ...


They say it makes the world go around...
I'm not 100% sure about that one, but it does help when you need to buy petrol (gas), car insurance, posters, business cards and car stickers.

We found ourselves quite a few sponsors/advertisers for this project, but to be able to continue it, pay the drivers a decent wage and hopefully contribute to community projects in South Sinai, we need all the help we can get!

So feel free to donate any amount of money towards Bedouin Bus, connecting Sinai.

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(donations are made to www.tour.tk and money will be redirected to Bedouin Bus from there. Your name will be shown on this page soon after your donation. Thanks!)


List of people who have contributed to the Bedouin Bus project by way of donations:

Jim Fleming MD, Kansas City, USA
Hans Dekker, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Please help and donate!

Our finances...

Due to a number of reasons Bedouin Bus currently (2014 autumn) has nominal financial support, and one of the two services had to be suspended. Please help to get the St Catherine-Dahab run back on the road!

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