Who are we..?

We are a group of citizens of Dahab, Nuweiba and St. Catherine, trying to increase awareness about the beauty of the Sinai and the possibilities to explore beyond the well-known paths.

The Sinai coast is dotted with beautiful beaches, amazing reefs and breathtaking scenery; the interior has high mountains with gorgeous gardens, swimming pools, age old ruins of Byzantine churches and monasteries and a thriving Bedouin culture.

But South Sinai lacks decent transport... especially on the Dahab - St. Catherine - Nuweiba routes.

That's why we have decided to join forces and give you the opportunity to explore fascinating Sinai. By bus... Bedouin Bus !

Bedouin Bus will be run as a not-for-profit organisation. All future proceeds will be invested in local community projects in South Sinai.

If you too want to be part of our project, please send us an e-mail or give us a call. You want to financially support Bedouin Bus? Check out our advertising possibilities or donations page.

The drivers:

Hemid FerhanHemid Ferhan
Friendly and reliable taxi driver and Jebeliya tribe members from St. Catherine, South Sinai. Driving the Dahab bus.

Sayed Abu MatrSayed Abu Matr
Has been on the St. Catherine to Nuweiba route for years and knows every pothole and bump in the road.



So, who are behind the Bedouin Bus project?

Saleh Mousa
Owner of Sheikh Mousa Bedouin Camp in St. Catherine. Fun loving entrepeneur and Jebeliya tribe member.

Mohamed Soliman el ToweryMohamed Soliman el Towery
Owner of Hotel Jowhara in Dahab and El Muzeina tribe member. Relaaaaaaax!

Mohamed Ahmed Saad
Manager/accountant of Sheikh Mousa Bedouin Camp in St.Catherine. Responsible for the money side of things for the Bedouin Bus project.

Tracey SearleTracey Searle
Manager of Hotel Jowhara in Dahab. Runs the Bedouin Bus branch in Mashraba, Dahab and does a wicked breakfast in her café...

Zoltan 'Sultan' Matrahazi
Initiator and supporter. Helps with promoting Bedouin Bus via a worldwide internet campaign.

Aaldrik 'Ali' Mulder
Web designer & self proclaimed Bedouin Bus project manager.

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