What to do in Nuweiba ...

(In alphabetical order)

There are plenty of options for accommodation along the coast from Nuweiba, ranging from resorts to camps and inns. Each section of Nuweiba has a distinct feel about it, be it Nuweiba City, the Dune area, Tarabin or further up north along the beautiful beaches in the direction of Taba. Why not check it out? For a comprehensive list of ALL accommodation from Nuweiba port to Taba Heights, check out the new NuweibaBeach website!

Coffee and cake (or icecream and sahlab)
Enjoy the best icecream Sinai has to offer at Little Prince Coffee Shop right in the heart of Nuweiba. They do an awesome sahlab too by the way ! Don't miss the ferry :)

There is some great diving to be done in Nuweiba and surrounding areas. Because of the lack of mass tourism in Nuweiba, the underwater life is much more spectacular here than anywhere else in Sinai.

Eat and drink
There is a great choice of restaurants in Nuweiba City, Tarabin Beach and along the coast to Taba at the beach camps.

Ferries leave from Nuweiba Port to Aqaba in Jordan daily. And there is quite a choice in ferries as well! If you have your own vehicle, you have to take either the slow or the fast ferry from Arab Bridge Maritime. If you're a foot passenger or a cyclist (please let them know beforehand you're coming), you can use the 'Babel' from Meenagate Touristic Marine Line . Meenagate's ferry leaves at 6.00am and the journey takes roughly one hour and twenty minutes. Coming back from Aqaba can be done in one day: the ferry leaves Jordan at 6pm.
For bookings, contact Meenagate at info@meenagate.com


Organic Farm
You can come and visit Habiba Organic Farm or volunteer and come and work on it! Let Maged show you how to grow tomatoes, aubergine's, olive's and many other crops in the middle of a barren landscape.

Rock Climbing



Sun bathing
Nuweiba has the best beaches of the Sinai. And what else to do on the beach than to get some sun! Don't know where to stay? Check out NuweibaBeach.com.

Of course there is a lot to do in the Nuweiba region! So let one of the trusted regional tour companies arrange some of the treks and trips for you. They know best where to go, what to see and who to meet!

NuweibaBeach.com is an overview of all the camps, hotels, guesthouses, b&b's, bungalows, huts, campings and other accommodation in the beautiful Nuweiba region. Conveniently arranged by beach area and alphabetically by name. Including GoogleMaps, price indications, transport options and much, much more. Wander around in the Nuweiba online world and when you've decided where you'd like to stay, come and join us at the beach !

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