What to do in Dahab ...

(In alphabetical order)

Hotel Jowhara DahabAccommodation
Dahab has more than 80 hotels, camps or resorts in all different price and comfort classes! Marine Garden Camp at Lighthouse and Hotel Jowhara in Mashraba Street are two of our sponsors and also the two drop-off and pick-up points in Dahab. Both offer budget accommodation, close to all amenities. Easy and convenient !

Beach buggy rides
there are numerous places renting out beach buggies to take to the desert or around town. Try Quadroads near the bridge, Ram Quadbike Center on Mashraba or Suzuki Quadbikes at Lighthouse.

Bicycle hire
There are too many places renting out bicycles in Dahab to mention here... almost every street harbours a bike rental place these days. And you can always ask at your hotel of course.

Dahab's best known secret: the greatest dive spots in the world! There are literally tens of dive centres along the Dahab shoreline.

Fitness / gym
Yes, you can get back in shape after lazing on the sea shore, eating out at one of several restaurants or drinking to many cocktails at the local café's... Planet Gym at the Lighthouse is the place to be.

Freedivedahab is a leading free dive centre in Dahab, offering from half day courses to full 4 day free dive packages.
World of Freediving offers similar packages and at similar prices.

Alternative Egypt Travel GuideInformation
If you are looking for general, in-depth travel information about Dahab, we recommend Alternative Egypt Travel Guide. Tonnes of info on, among others: dive centres, restaurants, accommodation, smoking shisha and eating seafood.

Kite surfing
Popular activity at the Laguna; courses, individual training and equipment offered by several companies. 300 Days of wind per year will make sure you won't be at the bar too often.

Marine safari
Most if not all dive centres will offer some sort of safari; be it in or outside the water. Underwater safari's will take you to some of the most amazing dive spots around Dahab; most are inaccessible by car, so you either take a boat or climb on a camel to get there.

There is a Friday market every week at Sheikh Salem House. Come and wander around the stalls to touch, buy and discover or just for a chat and leasurely stroll. From 2pm till 6pm.

Night life
Plenty of night life in Dahab... Get going at Rush, Tree Bar or Mojito for some good live music or chill out at Churchill's Bar, Yalla Bar or the Furry Cup. Open till late!

There are plenty of bookshops in Dahab and there is a great little second hand store at the back of Marine Garden Camp, where they sell good second hand books for reasonable prices.

Mind Body Spirit
If you want to know more about spirituality, learn, experience, connect, receive healing or gain insight into your current and future energies through a reading, Dahab is the place to come!

Don't even think you can get hungry or -even worse- bored by the choice in food in Dahab! With over 40 restaurants and eateries in town, there is a bite for every taste. From Thai to Italian to Mexican; from koshary to falafel to sea food delight.

Rock climbing
Thrilling adventures on near vertical walls; hanging harnassed off mountain cliffs; looking over your shoulder to see the deep blue Red Sea. There are a few operators who offer rock climbing.

Make sure you get the most out of South Sinai by experiencing the adrenaline pumping sport of sandboarding.

Wind surfing
Popular activity at the Laguna; 300 Days of wind a year will make sure you won't be at the bar too often.

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